New paid licencing structure vs free versions

This is more feedback from a hobbiest / new business starter, as there is no option for that under the contact us section.
I am a windows user and was using 2017 Make until the new changes that took place towards the end of last year. I’m so disappointed as a long-term user that there is now a paid subscription only option for wanting desktop versions of sketchup. I can appreciate needing to make more money and would be happy to pay a subscription fee, however as a hobbiest, that was just starting up there interior business, with next to no income, it’s hard to justify the amount sketchup is now asking for any desktop version subscriptions. I don’t qualify as a student any longer, yet not making as money as I’d like to justify paying the amounts on offer. I’m sorry Sketchup, as much as I loved your product, you’ve lost a customer.
I know thsi topic has come up previously in forums around, why people can’t download from 3d warehouse on most models now using 2017 make. And, yes there were work arounds about using cloud version, saving to file and importing to free version, or just sucking it up by using web version, however when you may travel to remote areas to show these designs to potential clients where the net service is not great, these solutions are either not feasible or adds hours to the work effort, making what quotes out to clients unreasonable.
Very disappointed. There should have been a more financially economic version made available to people like me… the in-betweeners.