Guess I've missed the Sketchup 'boat' (as it were)

Help! Is 2017 the only version of Sketchup “Make” available now?

Yes, 2017 is the only desktop version, but it still works for sure.

There is a web version but it’s still under construction.

Depending on what you are using it for, both are fine for similar stuff but the desktop version is better for large models, plugin support and some image export options (as well as a more robust toolbar).

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I believe 2016 pro still reverts to make after the trial but I’m not sure.

No, you can download other versions. Just Google search “SketchUp (insert year/version) download”.

Here’s a 2014 download from a reliable source.

Thanks everyone for your replies. Yes, about Google searching… That’s what I was doing when I gave up and posted here yesterday. But today I gave it another go and this time easily found Sketchup Make 2016 (64-bit) available for download from -of all places!!- Sheesh, talk about looking for something and not seeing it despite it being “right there” all along.

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Hahaha, I’m glad you found what you were looking for.

Pro versions don’t revert to MAKE, only a MAKE installation beginning with the Pro trial period do…

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