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He is an example of what I was trying to do. I asked the question as I had because I feel I might be miss understanding the way the tool works or the scope of what it does. This is a wall that follows a roof line(default material). The slope of the roof changed a very little bit. The group is the new slope. I was hoping the tool would let me select the top of the wall and adjust it to the new plane of the roof. I got the tool to delete the face and do weird things that remind me of the odd thing that sometimes happen with the follow me tool.

I tried exploding the plane. Connecting it to the plane I wanted to move.

(BTW I appreciate your making extensions for SKU.)

Is this post for everyone or just @thomthom? If the latter, would it be better to PM him? It’s not very obvious to anyone else what it’s all about.

Actually, I prefer to answer in public - that way other people can chime in and also benefit from the answers.
I ask people who ask for help on Extension Warehouse to start a thread here - as it’s much easier to follow up and share files here.

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Can you copy the relevant geometry to a new file and post it here? Would be easier to be able to spin the model around and inspect how it’s constructed.

Also, can you explain how you are using the tool? What you have selected, what you are picking etc?

Fair enough.

This is an example of how I am picking. Clicking on the face I want to move. Then selecting edges on the group that is a copied face from the roof that I want it to adjust to.

MoveToPlaneTroubles.skp (179.1 KB)

Here is an example like what I was trying to do. (cant upload any actual models due to them being work property. I did have the same trouble trying to use the tool here as well though.

Thanks for your time and assistance. (On a separate note, is there a thread for ideas for useful extensions for you? I have an idea but no idea how feasible it is.)

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Can they not be in groups?