How do I continue a roof at a different angle without overlapping?

I imagine it’s one of those questions that are easily answered, but it’s not obvious to me what I should be searching for. I’ve tried quite a few Google searches without success.

I assume you are referring to the part where the building changes direction? If I were doing that I would use Follow Me. I have a keyboard shortcut for Follow Me but you can pick it from the toolbar.

That looks like a fantastic tool. I’ll check it out!

I bet you would do well to spend some time getting to grips with the fundamentals. Check out

I looked through the Follow Me tutorials, and I’m left with one question. My roof is a group, and if I try to apply Follow Me to a group, it does not function. If I remove the group, it does function. The problem is that I cannot re-make the group afterwards, as all attempts to re-select the lines and faces tend to fail, with lines of the building being selected as well, and there is no option to de-select those lines … I guess de-selecting lines is a part of the tutorial series, but I’ll have to look through that some other time.

You need to open the group for edit before doing the follow-me operation and copy the path into the group also. Do not explode the group, open it for edit instead.

That sounds like maybe those “lines of the building” are not in groups or components? You shouldn’t be able to select individual edges unless a) they are not in a group or component, or b) you have opened that group or component for edit. If those parts are not yet made a group or component, do so before follow-me. Otherwise they are going to stick to your new geometry.

I didn’t imagine it would be that simple. SketchUp is turning out to be a good program it seems.