Archicad to sketchup

Hello everyone, Is there any way to convert this Archicad file (.bpn) to .skp file? without using Archicad? I don’t have access to the archicad files :slight_smile:
It would be great if anyone could help me convert it or may be tell me a way. Thanks in advance. cheers!
Here is the link- KonzeptBachelor _02.07.21.bpn - Google Drive

How about exporting a .dxf from Archicad?

Actually I dont have access to archicad right now.

Do a Google search for .bpn to .dxf. There seem to be a number of file converters out there.

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.bpn is an Archicad backup file. Renaming it to .pln might give you more options. But the best way would be to open it in Archicad, view it in a 3D window and save it from there as a SketchUp file.
I don’t know of any third party software that would be able to open Archicad model files.

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This is the best I could do. The file was created with the Student version, and had a lot of missing objects from the German object libraries that I don’t have.

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Thanks for your effort. I am trying out the things you mentioned.