Arc is always snapping to the middle of the face instead of the end of the face


I am using the web version of sketchup and found that whenever I am creating an arc with the 2 Point Arc tool, the arc is always snapping to the opposite side of the face of wherever I want to place my arc.

As you can see in this video example below, the arc must be on the left side at the end of the face and not in the middle of the face but NOTHING I do places the arc on the end of the face.

What am I doing wrong? Any advice is so very welcomed :smiley:

That is odd, certainly not normal behavior.
Perhaps just orbit a bit so you are more perpendicular to the face.

I have tried orbiting…doesnt help

Can you try a different web browser.

The rectangle is created as a loop of edges. Perhaps the order of vertices (and direction of edges) is somehow affecting the swap of the arc.
For me it workes on a rectangle if I use the orher two intersections that are shown from guides and long edges. (the nearest two intersections (like in your video) result in the abnormal swap.

I tried it in Firefox. Same story.

It’s strange. we should have a shortcut key that can switch the arc from side to side so that we can control it. I am struggling at this point to get the arc on the correct side. I have created the rectangle multiple times using the rectangle tool and the same happens over and over.

So as a workaround, I have now used the 3 Point Arc tool to force it on the side that I want it on. We shouldn’t have to do that. but the workaround works.

I can’t duplicate it either. Share your SketchUp file so we can see your exact setup.

Click on the scond point and then move the bulge toward the end of the rectangle in the desired direction.

Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were having an issue with it taking the second click. Try going the other way and then double click to finish.

This does work but only SOMETIMES. not always

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