2 point arc on a rectangle

I am new to sketchup and was watching a tutorial where during designing a table tutor removes a portion beneath the arc on a rectangle surface. I tried the same steps as he does but i am unable to do the same. When I select lower plane and use push/pull tool to remove the portion, that face changes uniformly I mean it does not decreases from center while corners remaining fixed but instead it change altogether. Here is a simple picture for reference.

I’m going to make a guess here that your guideline is causing the problem, it may not be actually on the face and so it has moved the arc off the face too.Try it without the guide line.
Attaching the model would help us see what is happening.
Note in the gif below the Inference that pops up saying On Face.

Orbit around to look at the geometry from an end. Is the arc standing out in space?

yes thank you problem solved. when I was marking center point of arc it was on the guide line saying “on the line” instead of “on the face”, this time I looked carefully and it worked.

well it solved for a simple rectangle as i tried it on a rectangle but as I went back to my practice work it started again. I am missing some concept here.
here is filetable.skp (229.6 KB)

You need to open the component for editing before drawing the arc. The geometry of the apron on the table is protected from modifications because of the component container. Opening the container allows access to the geometry.It’s kind of like having a sandwich wrapped in cling wrap. You have to open the cling wrap before you add the cheese to the sandwich.

You need to go into the group you’ve made before drawing the arc, at the moment you have it outside of the group. Double-click to get into the group.

Also, there’s a lot going on in your model. As you mouse around where you want to start and end the arc, look for when the Endpoint dot appears, then click.

yes solved. Thank you

Thank you

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