AR Viewer not allowing log on on Android device

This is a known issue and yet I can see online complaints about this going back at least a year. I pay for a Pro version of SU. Being able to view my models in AR and walk though them in full scale is an intergral part of my workflow. Yet now this has been allowed to fail by Trimble.

I guess they are only interested now in selling me a full AR commercial package that really cannot be justified by anyone but a large corporate user.

I love using SU but this sort of inattention to detail is where you will lose your user base.

Hey chrisa2! We might be able to work through this.
Viewing in AR is supported in a couple of ways.

  1. 3D Warehouse converts “manageable” models into .GLB and .USD files for viewing in AR or VR, free to all users. Models that are too large or complex will cause the converter to panic and give up. Models that fit that description and are publicly available are viewable via clicking the View in VR button and using your AR compatible device at the resulting QR code. It looks like this:

It has been tested on modern devices of the iOS and Android persuasion.

  1. The SketchUp for iPad application has AR viewing built right in, so models can be viewed by clicking the View in AR tool.

If either of those options don’t do the job, give us some feedback and we can see what we can do to fix that.

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Thanks for the reply @TheGuz. Nice to get some engagement.

My problem was that I could not sign in to the Viewer as the webpage for the Sign in was not providing any areas for adding my credentials, however I just reinstalled the app so I could show you a screenshot of the sign in issue and it seems to have resolved. I did try a clear cache, clear storage, remove and re install yesterday with no effect so not sure what was different today but I will take the win.

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Ahhh, I see. Likely unrelated to your issue but I also get a blank Sign In page when I’m at home due to some nerdy network stuff I set up. When I disable it, I can sign in properly, then I re-enable and keep working.

Maybe the same here as I have a pi-hole set up on my network at home so equally nerdy. Could have been an own goal. Maybe a cookies issue as well. Anyway resolved though I did have to cut my model in half to view it. 25mb is just a little over the limit I think.
Thanks C

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I too have a pi-hole installed. I have Pi-hole Remote installed on my phone so I can temporarily disable it from my phone or watch, when I need to. Hopefully, as mobile devices get more powerful (more memory, mostly), we will be able to increase the limits on file size and poly count.