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I’m a male SU Pro user. As much as I might be titillated by the supposed humor in the drawings of women in the Sketchup Warehouse 3D models I’m wondering if there is any concern that the sexualization of women in the work place even seeps into the virtual world. I hate to be overly PC but with 2 daughters, one a landscape architect and the other in Tech-both male dominated professions- I have to be a responsible user/designer and request that some over sight should be placed on the content. It’s pretty obvious what images are appropriate in the context of design. Search for “people” or “People sitting”


As a female SU Make user, let me tell you why there are so many female models on the warehouse and not males:
The simple reason is that most SU users and modellers are males, so they choose female models to work with.

When I started modelling with Sketchup, some of the first models I downloaded were female (and typically nude), and I spent a lot of time creating clothing for those models once I’d learnt how to write Ruby scripts.

I still create clothing for the models I upload, although often I find those models reposted, without the clothing. Warehouse users need to be 13 and above, although I understand that anyone can download - however to be reasonable, the Internet isn’t a safe place for youngsters, and in my opinion that is for you to enforce controls over your family, not require Trimble to spend the money to police for you.

Mostly the content in 3D Warehouse is worth what you pay for it. Probably the proliferation of nude women there is due to people posting converted models from applications like Poser, not original content they made themselves.

I generally let commercial operations do their marketing by themselves, but if what you are looking for are high quality entourage elements to be used in presenting your designs, you might take a look at Formfonts, especially Alan Fraser’s work there. His creations won’t even bog down SketchUp if used en masse like even a single Poser model can do.

Thanks Anssi. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

The purpose of my comments was not to protect my children or others. It was to raise the awareness of users to break out of sexist, misogynistic mindsets. As a woman I’d think you’d be on board with a mindset that doesn’t look at you as a sexual toy. I don’t want Trimble policing for me. I don’t have an answer to the problem, just raising the question.


We are concerned, and we do takedowns upon people flagging models. Sometimes users come back and repost, and we play whack-a-mole until we finally wear the little moles out. If you look at Centaur’s models, there’s some great technology going on there, so I’m not concerned about hers, but if you believe models are offensive, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Report Abuse”, and we can take action. We do take our lead from other technology companies, who are coming up with better ways of monitoring this.

Just as the #MeToo is a process, the whole gaming and 3D modeling world will have some light shed on it for some user’s actions, and will get better. But it wont happen instantly. It’s an educational process, so keep flagging models as needed.


Thanks Barry, I fully realize that it’s a whack a mole situation. You"re so right about the “process”. It has to be from the ground up and not from the whack a mole down. I’m glad I poked the issue a bit and got some intelligent responses. Thanks.

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