Applying text to models

I need to add text to this sign board. The label function is not holding to the surface. Any suggestions
greatly appreciated.

What kind of text? What is the text supposed to be doing? Maybe 3D Text would be appropriate. The Text tool which creates labels and screen text is not supposed to act like it is attached to the model.

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This is the sign we need to replicate. Is there a specific tool for 3D text, if that is what we need to do?
Thank you.

3D Text would be the tool you need. You’ll find it in the Tools menu among other places.

Great. Thanks Dave.

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You can also add sign graphics as a mapped texture to a surface and depending on the resolution quality of your 2d image be accurate.
here is an example I did for a job in Laos…

All the text and stripes are just carefully positioned textures

Digital Sign

Stetchup Team… your 3dWarehouse Links are not working here !!!