Applying Shingle Pattern to Wall

I know there must be a simple answer, but I am having trouble applying a shingle pattern on a wall that has a window in the middle. If I apply several rectangular blocks of the pattern to get around the window, the edges of the block show up running though the shingles or show up as edges of the shingled area. How do I get a clean application of the pattern around a window?

erase the lines…


Can’t. When I select the offending line, the entire pattern outline is selected and deleting removes all the pattern.

What is a “shingle pattern”? What is a “block of a pattern”? Are you talking about a texture or geometry?


I am using the shingle patterns in Layout located in the Shape Style tray. I activate the pattern that I wan then start tracing around the edges of the wall. When I complete the trace, the wall is filled with shingles. Now the problem I have is I cannot get the pattern to fill around a window in the middle of the wall. When I use the line tool with the pattern attached, I have to come across from the edge of the wall to a corner of the window and then trace around the window and back along the line to the edge. When I get back to the starting point, the pattern fills the wall and goes around the window. However, this leaves the line that I used to get from the edge of the wall to the corner of the window in plain view across the shingle pattern.

My apologies, @pault728, I wasn’t paying attention to the forum category–I assumed, incorrectly, you were talking about SU.


To turn off the edge lines for your “hatches”, select the shape, and click on the “Stroke” button in the Shape Style tray.


Thanks. I knew is was right in front of me, but couldn’t make the brain connection.