Applying & modifying textures

Why does this happen?

I apply a texture to one roof surface, find that it needs enlarging, so I amend its scale. I use the eyedropper to repeat the enlarged version on the opposite side of the roof. So far, so good. But when I apply it to the hip end, it seems to think I want a wrapping paper effect. Of course, I can edit it again but should I have to?


Simon, you could modify dimension in Edit

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I have moved on with that drawing but I expect I could duplicate it on another. However, @mihai.s demonstrates the exact same behaviour and what I do to correct it. The puzzle is that the system seems to recognize when a roof plane is at 180 degrees but not when it’s at 90 degrees to the original. Weird.

It doesn’t. Use another texture, like the one I used, and you’ll see.

What happens to the texture is normal and logical.

You are of course right. When I looked more closely at my pantiles on the opposite side, I can see that they are upside down. So the wrapping paper effect is normal.

But to test it again, I created a new roof and selected my pantiles. When I applied it to each roof slope, it behaved as I had hoped with the pattern normal to the slope.

So it seems it all depends on how you apply the texture. This would explain why @DaveR may not be able to reproduce the effect the rest of us have seen.