Why do materials act weirdly sometimes?

Why does this happen sometimes with roofs and sometimes it stays properly aligned?

If you would share the file you’ll help us prevent guessing. It’s rather late here so I can only look at it tomorrow if by then there’s still no explanation.

Just guessing: Either the texture is “projected” or that part of the roof is a group and the material has been applied to the group.

Troubleshooting roof materials.skp (1.5 MB)
I can reset the faces individually to get them right but using a dropper on that material and trying to place it on the others still does not fix them. (I am more of wanting to know what causes this in general to avoid it in the future not just fix the material on this one project.)

ED: If I reset the end that is on axis it does let me just place it on the others to fix them but not one of the angled planes. Is this just sketchup being pissy that things are not on the axises?

If you use the dropper to sample the roof I circled with red you get a rotated texture. The texture on it has been rotated, while if you sample from one of the adjacent faces you will get a standard orientation. The eyedropper picks up the changes that have been done to texture scale and rotation.