Applying material seamlessly across multiple faces

Hi guys,
I am trying to apply the same material across multiple faces, but for some reason the top material tiles differently and looks offset - see picture highlighted area in pink. The lines should all run continuously across the faces…The plan is to use a renderer and replace the Sketchup material with a different material, but when applied the materials behaves the same as in Sketchup. I thought it might have something to do with the roundover but I tried merging faces, clean up etc, all with no resolve.

I would appreciate an explicit answer if someone knows it, as I am not a Sketchup wizz - obviously.
Thanks for any help!

hello !
first try just to load the texture (holding alt while using the paint bucket tool) you used for your horizontal part and apply it again to the round part.
If it doesn’t fix it you can adjust texture position by right clicking on a face > texture > position.
but it can be long if you have many adjustments to do so :
For dealing with complex shapes and texture, you can use the thrupaint plugin, that will do that automaticaly

Update: I tried your suggestion: face > texture > position and adjusted the offset so the pattern appears seamless. However, when I import the updated model into the rendering software, it still didn’t look correct, but what fixed it was to Generate UVs in the rendering software once brought in and then the materials looked correct. Thanks so much!