Apply image to only a portion of a smoothed mesh face



I am trying to apply new imagery to the geolocated terrain mesh programmatically.

I have an array of faces I want to apply the image to, but I want that array to act like a single face (like how the paint bucket tool would treat a mesh) and not just apply the material to each individual face.



I did read this post, however, as a ‘surface’ isnt really an object, I cant programmatically apply a material to it as a whole.

I cannot find an equivalent method to something like this:
surface.material = myMaterial


If the faces making up the mesh (that you wish to paint) are grouped and referenced as mesh_grp, …

mesh_grp.material = myMaterial

… would this work for you ?


this works to add the image, but when done this way, I dont seem to have any control over ‘centering’ the new image correctly. In other words, I am not getting a ‘projected’ result


Yea, ok. Texture mapping is done upon the face object(s). I am not really sure if a bunch of faces joined by softened edges are considered one big face or not.

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