Appearance of a non desired component when exporting to DXF 3 D

Hello community,
When I export to a DXF file one of the components shows 3 times instead of 2 times, also in a non desire position, on SketchUp every thing looks right.
How can I correct this issue?
Battery Pack Raymond.skp (588.6 KB)

When I export your model to dxf I see three copies of component Lado X (which should have two according to the skp) and also three copies of component Soporte Toma (which should have one according to the skp). But I haven’t yet found anything strange in the skp that would cause this to happen…I’ll keep looking, but wanted you to know that I can reproduce the problem.

Edit: this seems to be a bug specific to the dxf and dwg exporters. I tried exporting dae and stl, and neither of them showed these issues.

incorrect use of Layers may be the issue…


There were definitely edges and faces associated to layers other than Layer0. But after fixing them, I still got the same incorrect export. I couldn’t find any issues with nested component instances being on wrong layers. But look at the attached screenshot of the dxf

It looks as if the Lado X component and the Soporte toma component are somehow being merged so that in the dxf file we get an instance of both each place there should be an instance of one or the other.

Thank you Steve,

I believe I need to change the way I use the Layers.


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