SketchUp to CNC (2d layout and dxf layers)

TLDR - what’s the best way to produce a CNC layout in a DXF file with the machining components shown as individual DXF layers.

I have built a furniture model in SketchUp 2017 that I want to have cut by a CNC workshop. They need a DXF file, which I am producing using the “Export to DXF or STL” extension from, and they want each of the different milling components on a separate DXF layer. So a layer each for the profile cut outside the line, profile cut inside the line, 6mm holes 5mm deep, 13mm holes full depth etc.

So far it looks like a layer in the DXF file is the equivalent of a component in SketchUp.

I have been using components to be individual objects in the furniture such as a rail, end piece or drawer front. This means that I have to lay all my components out in 2D to reflect the sheet they’ll be cut from, explode all the components and build a new set of components that each reflect all the holes, all the external profile cuts etc.

This is OK to do once or twice but every time I find I need to make a change to an original component I have to repeat the process all over again and this is both tedious and also prone to error.

Is there a better way to do this?
Firstly is there a better way to layout each of the components for the cut sheet rather than twisting and rotating each component to be horizontal and slicing it back to just a face.
Is a way to create the DXF layers without destroying all of my existing components and then building a new set to represent the CNC profiles?

I’m also looking for any feedback on how other people have produced CNC layouts.

Can you show us the model that you are wanting to create DXF files for?

Maybe look at it ABF - furniture CNC
They have a lot of training videos on their Facebook page.

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This is the model. Some components have been duplicated to show open and closed positions of the shelf. It’s gone through a lot of iterations so some of the dimensions are a bit off right now. It probably needs to be drawn again. RetroPartialSplitTop.skp (4.0 MB)