Hello i am looking for help regarding this type of work


Hello i own a cnc and looking to invest in a way to make such work like the picture above

Any way i can make this using sketchup and is their a way to export this drawing to dxf ?

Yes. You could model something like that in SketchUp and with SketchUp Pro which you indicate you are using, you could make exports to .dxf for CNC cutting.

For that one you might contact the person who created it to see what files you can get from them and save yourself some work.

Thank you for your reply
I am not interested in this specific drawing but by the type of drawing and if the software can give each part individually so i can nest it using my cnc

OK. You can create that sort of thing with SketchUp. If you haven’t really started using SketchUp go to learn.sketchup.com and go through the tutorials.

Assuming that all of the parts are to be cut from the same thickness sheet material and are organized into sensibly named components, then there are several extensions you should investigate - like

OpenCut List


Do a search…
Try some simple objects first to get a feel for what’s required…