ABF - furniture CNC

Free Plugin supports designing and deploying manufacturer in industrial wood - based panel furniture using SketchUp and CNC
current features:
:nerd_face: Mark hinges
:nerd_face: Mark Intersection
:nerd_face: Designate fittings, cam screws, U plastic, minifix, rafix, cabineo, Lockdowel, etc.
:nerd_face: Designate edge banding, except automatic edge banding and calculate the edge amount needed.
:nerd_face: Arrange details on panels and label each part
:nerd_face: Statistical report, cost calculation and excel database export
:nerd_face: Move beam points and increase or decrease the size
:nerd_face: Explode view for detailed model
:nerd_face: Spread the details, or export DXF
:nerd_face: Rename simultaneously or add suffix, prefix.

Link Download: www.getABF.net


I love the exploded, labelled parts function!
Are the bolt and cam fixings set at a particular depth? Can the user change the parameters of hinge holes etc?
Is there layered DXF output once parts nesting is complete? This would aid in creating toolpaths.
This plugin looks very well designed安ell done.

You can change the parameters, and the layer name in the settings.
allow output DXF for nesting results, and DXF has been circularly interpolated.