Working Drawing in sketchup abf plugin

I am a furniture designer. I usually 3D in sketchup software and use autocad software for working drawings. Working design in AutoCAD takes a lot of time. Is it possible to make working drawings in sketchup 3D using the abf plugin?

Certainly you can make working drawings in SketchUp/LayOut from your SketchUp model. Pinging @DaveR for examples and advice - he has produced a lot of working drawings of furniture.

Thank you sir

I do working drawings or shop drawings for furniture using SketchUp and LayOut. I don’t need or use the ABF extension so I can’t help you. Sorry.

How to make this.
Sir please help me

Looks like you’ve already done it. If I were modeling that I would create a solid component to use as a cutter and then use Difference from the Bool Tools 2 extension to cut the holes.

Also how to make this…

What part? The dashed lines? That’s done in LayOut. Go through the instructional materials at

When i make design in layout like this.but dont show in line or minifix Hole

See my previous reply.

Thank you sir