Anyone know what is the extension this youtuber used? link and image included

extension question start at 1:42 in youtube video.

the extension line adding the line in the middle that are 90degree to the selection line.


Do you mean Curic Mirror which creates the mirrored copy? That’s available in the Extension Warehouse.

no , not that one.

The one that create a middle line for everyfaces. I think it will be more clear if you watch the youtube link start at 1:42

Thanks for quick reply, i always surprised how sketchup community is so quick on answer. which is really nice
here better image the tool is where my black mouse is pointing to.

Looks like Vertex Tools2 also from the Extension Warehouse.

This illustrates a common problem with problem with videos that claim to be tutorials but aren’t really. The viewer sits and listens to music and watches someone model but has no idea what tools are actually being used. The person creating it is not actually teaching.


QuadFace Tools > Insert Loops


hey Dave, thanks for it.
But I think I didn’t give a clear question to you, I think that’s not the tool i was looking for.
Here is the image with the exact tool that I looking for.

Looks like mihai.s saw the right tool in the video.

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yeah I just find it now. Thanks alot Dave and Mihai.s

Thanks. Mihai.s

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