Aaron's Top 10 Extensions, Live!

Let’s talk about Extensions! I’ll show you my top 10 and you guys come and tell me yours!

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be good if you explore the ‘native’ alternatives for all of the School, Shop and Free users as well…


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I do my best! I always enjoy attempting to take native tools as far as I can, but i have had SO many requests to show my favorite extensions. This should not be a sign that I have anything but true love for native tools! In fact, let’s make sure that NEXT WEDNESDAY we ONLY use native tools… that will bring balance to The Force.


I have a question that could be held to Mondays Q&A but I could use the info. Attached .gif shows me filling in the outermost shape to make a face. I know that you can redraw over a line to the enclosed shape to then separate out the faces but you must do so to each one. Is there a way to get them all done at once? I tried intersecting faces with all selected but that doesn’t do the trick. Sometimes, if it is a group or component, leaving the edit function of that group/component and editing again will sometimes do it but not every time which boggles the mind. Any advice you could give?


Since you are not afraid of plugins according to your gif you can use TIGs AddFaces (one of my top 10) plugin after selecting all the geometry.

Very sexy ! yes this is perfect, thank you so much for that.

My favorite plugin(first of 10) is subD and Vertex Tool from Thom :wink:

You can keep the original surface or delete it after the push pull operation as i remember… No need to undo and reuse joint push pull…

My favourite as most used from the list is selection toys. From the stream, adebeo_pushline is my favourite as I’d not heard of that one and seems really simple and should come in handy.

How about TIG’s Purge All? This is a useful one and while it does the same thing as Purge Unused in Statistics, it also gives a report which can be useful.


A simple extension I often use Chris Fullners > Find Center point. Useful for finding the centers of archs/ partial circles/curbs etc…that SKP cant find… Just select 2 segments and it it places a construction point. very nifty.

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Very useful for situations where SketchUp “forgot” an arc or circle due to edits. It finds the center of a circle for which the two selected edges are presumed to be chords. The results can be odd if that isn’t how the edges originated.

Any version, some are better than others but it is an essential tool that should be included by default.


The grid tool (provided by SketchUp) is probably my most often used extension, very simple but extremely convenient and useful. You can see me using it in practically every tutorial video that I make. The funny thing is that I get almost as many emails with people asking about that plugin as I get with emails asking about my own plugins.

Also for general modeling the mirror plugin created by TIG is awfully handy.

Eneroth’s solid tools are also amazing (and a significant improvement over the native solid tools) and actually perform some core functions within my own extensions bundle.

If you are doing any sort of complex modeling (or even debugging of your own geometry created by your own plugins) Solid Inspector is essential.

Eneroth’s attribute editor as a developer is a must have for me. I use it on a daily basis.

an underrated gem that you should really check.
Stretch By Area


Yes, that’s one I was going to mention. It brings to SketchUp what the Move Points function of Wild Tools in PowerCADD does.

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I assemble the same components repeatedly for conventions, meetings and such. I find the Snap Connector tool by Cadman (Mark C) simplifies this tremendously saving me huge amounts of time.

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