Anyone else seen this before?

Recently, I was doing a search on high-resolution images for a thermoelectric generator model of mine, and found this. I must admit to being a little surprised by the linked website having links pointing to member’s models at the 3Dwarehouse site. I had no idea that there was just such a site.

I don’t know if they are making money from clickthrough’s, but is seems a little shady, or am I just being overly paranoid?

They’re not charging for those models and probably that model was made by them.

No, that particular model was made by me, top to bottom.
When I first uploaded the model to the 3DWarehouse, it had no color or textures, I was recently looking for some decent textures and some clearer drawings/photos so that I could improve and finish the model, when I came upon their reference to the 3DWarehouse page.
I don’t care if they do, or don’t link to anyone’s models, but if they are generating revenue from those same links and click-throughs, that isn’t kosher.

It LOOKS like an automated crawler of some sort… weird, as it is not offering any real utility.

I was thinking that it reminded me a little of one of the search engines that came out a year or three before Google.

Normally, I would have simply ignored it, but their Partners page has a couple of 3D printing partners, so someone could be getting paid for ads, and/or associated services. :man_shrugging:

Oh, well.

Cheers, eh.

Seems to be a search engine just specialising in 3d models… actually it seems a pretty good research tool… certainly quick…