Anyone else not able to download the installer? took too long to respond.

This is my first time using a paid version of sketchup that I bought myself, are they always like this? I sat down to use it, realized I needed the new subscription version, paid for it, clicked the download link to install and…the download link is broken. Is it broken for everyone? Can someone please link me to a copy of the installer offsite so I can at least get to work?

What is flexnet operations!?
I suspect there is something blocking your download.
Try Download All | SketchUp

That’s what the website redrects to from which is the link from My Apps.

This is the download link it’s trying to get:

same thing happens linking from the download link you posted. This doesn’t look like a virus redirect.

Sounds like something very wrong at your end.
My link shows me this,

What happens when you click download under Windows 64 Bit?

I get this link:

Does it actually download a file?

I get this

So flexnet seems to be a real thing, but somehow it is failing to connect at your end.

And now it works, thanks for the troubleshooting help.

Probably just a server glitch in your area.

I presume they use multiple download servers. Anyway, it was transient and seems to have fixed itself.