Cannot download Sketchup

Hi, everyone.
So, I don’t know if I am the only (unlucky) one, but I cannot download Sketchup at all. Which is a bit frustrating because my 30 day trial is currently active, tho I cannot even get access to the software.

It seems to be related to a “security issue” of some sort regarding ‘download flexnetoperations com’ (invalid HTTPS certificate, maybe ?) because no matter what I try, this error message occurs :

(I am using Mozilla Firefox)


What link are you trying to use? What version are you trying to download?

I tried :

SketchUp Pro 2021
SketchUp Pro 2020
SketchUp Pro 2019
SketchUp Make 2017

Tried the desktop & web Pro and Personnal. Same issue here.

Looks like a browser security setting. I have no problem accessing those links in Chrome. Try that.

If you are getting there via the trial links, there may be redirect and other tracking parts to the URL. Try this direct link to the 2021.1.1 installer for Windows:

Windows SketchUp 2021.1.1 installer

Thanks Colin. But unfortunately, still having the same issue (flexnet stuff ssl_error_…).

Thanks DaveR.
I tried several settings on Firefox, disabled the add-ons, etc, still does not work.
I might try with a different browser tomorrow.

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I’m back.
One month later, I’m still having issue with the downloading and such.

So. I tried with a different browser (Microsoft Edge ; And I had issue with Brave too, but that’s a different story), and I had the same problem (security issue with flexnetoperations not letting me download the files).
So, then, as there seems to be a DNS error with that flexnet-thing, I tried with HTTP rather than HTTPS. It did download “the” file, but blocked it, saying it could cause harm to my computer.
I pushed as far as to force to accept the file so it can finish downloading it.
Then, when done, I finally go to open it… But a Windows Defender SmartScreen warning message appear on the screen, saying Windows Defender Smartscreen prevented the application to cause harm to my computer by blocking it (can not open) because it is not being recognized.

So, I don’t know about that.
I could try to disable Windows Defender Smartscreen to see if I can open it… But, I don’t want to take the risk.
(I used the official links, as posted in this thread)

What is the name of the file in the download folder?
Can you post a screenshot?

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