Anyone can help me this modal in movable this is a stool design

hiiiii… anyone can help me here is my design i want to this stool in movable part so i can see it, how it work after actuall … so please make this modal for me… in some animatioin or movable thinkg and do some improvement as wellstool.skp (146.7 KB)
here my file is there in skechup

So you want to hire someone to design the stool for you? There isn’t much to work with here. Do you have more information about the design? Other than the hinges on the very skinny legs, what do you have in mind? As it is shown in your model, it won’t stand up very well and it doesn’t look like it would be comfortable to sit on. Even with four legs built as you show them, it won’t be very sturdy.

yes… first of all thanks you for reply… i want to desing a stool like this, but i have all design in mind lake sekchup knowledge i cant make it. realistic… if anyone can do for me… then pls do it… it is i want foldable … here i want to show one more pics like wise i want. daver pls help if you the design things…

OK. So I moved your post to the Commercial and Collaborative Work.

I could perhaps take on your project after I get a few other jobs out of the way. Or maybe someone else will be able to do it.

Do you just need an illustration? Or do you have something else in mind? Do you need dimensioned drawings? Since the stool you show is already a production piece, I assume your stool would be different? What would it be made out of? Do you have overall dimensions for it?

it should be… height… 2 feet 6 inch, and and top of stool should be… 1’6 in square…and i am going to build this stool with iron 1inch pipe… thankyou very much…dave…pls look out this…this stool i want for some painters… it should be. fouldabe and portable show labour can move it very ever they want…

An opinion regarding the stool design: I’m not sure I’d be comfortable (safe) standing on a foldable 18-inch square stool that’s 30 inches tall. The cross-bracing between legs would need to be quite solid. How do you expect someone to climb up onto the stool’s “seat?”

yes… i sure it safe for climp up… because its required some cross bracing…between logs so its become more strong i we provide… both side cross bracing… it become strong enough to climp up…
here is my skype… id pls anyone can come and talk to me… regarding this…on vidoe call show i can explain everything regarding this modal…

skype user name-- soyabkhan95

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