Any way to slowdown pan cam and rotation when zoom in


Hi everybody.

I noticed I have trouble when I apply a high zoom and then try to rotate, it moves fast and I’d rather say it’s not precise.
Any way to fix this, I’ve tried ctrl mod to enable/disable gravity but … I’m not sure what this option does because I barely appreciate any difference.

Thanks in advance.


By apply a high zoom you mean get in really close, right well this could be what you are seeing: If you are orbiting around, the “orbit” centers on whatever you click on to start the orbit, that point becomes the pivot of your spin. If you have something in the foreground you want to move around you need to be careful to start your orbit with the mouse over that object, not the empty space or an object in the background. If you do click the background, sketchup assumes you want to orbit around that distant point and then objects closer to you move very fast because you are in fact orbiting around a center that is very far away.


Thank you, I’ll try to keep in mind :wink:


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