Any way to draw a cartoon roof like this?

Hi everybody.

I found on internet a picture of 3D model of a house that looks like a cartoon.

So far this is the only thing I was able to do it.

Am I on the right way?.
Any recommendation about how to do it?

This is the file so far:

cartoon_roof.skp (422.7 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Bevel the edges with the plugin “Round Corners”.

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I installed this one, RoundCorner | SketchUcation

Thank you so much @anme, it worked so cool.

Edit: Can I set the offset value dragging the mouse? because I don’t get it. Entering the value works.

You’re welcome.
The adjustments works only on mouse click or entering the value in the parameter bar.


Sorry for annoying again, I’m like a pain in the neck, I know.

Offset value can only be defined this way then?

Anyway, this was the result:

I forgot the offset can be changed on VCB without the mouse click on parameter bar. Just press the value and hit Enter.

@anme, I’d like to know if it’s possible to define it with the mouse button, I mean dragging, because I don’t find the do it. Wherever I click trying to drag, the selection disappear. Thank you again.

There is no option for dragging. Doesn’t work that way.

  1. Click on plugin icon. One of three options;
  2. Type the offset value without click anything and hit Enter;
  3. Click on edges. On at a time. No drag.

there is no way without typing the value?
I mean … just using some handle?
If you confirm I can use drag a handle holding left mouse button then I will look for some tutorial on youtube.
Because so far the only way I find is typing the value.

No. Just typing.
At same link you have posted, there is a Quick Start tab.

Give it up. The only way to set the Offset is via the keyboard. Just type the offset value.

You can pre-select the edges before starting Round Corner.


thank you all, mates, sorry for bothering.

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