[REQ] Rotated Rectangle - Changing Last Input

As with any other Sketchup Tool, the rotated rectangle allows you to change the value we have input in the VCB, after finishing the command and until you hit escape or change commands.

However Rotated Rectangle isn’t doing what I expect it to.

The thing is that a rotated rectangle is a chain of 2 commands: line+offset.

When I use it I always think this way:

  • Find the first line which is usually done using some inference and existing point or a dimension that I’m pretty sure about;
  • Find the second point or offset which I sometimes rely on trial and error.

So, what do I do when I want to draw a different rectangle:

  • After drawing the first line, if I made a mistake, I hit ESC and redo it. No problem here.
  • After drawing the offset the rectangle is finished and I would expect that entering a new value on the VCB would change offset, However it does not. The new value will change the first line instead.
  • So I have to hit space to finish the command, CTRL+Z to undo it and then start over.

So, it feels awkward to me that I have two very simple methods to redo the first input and no simple method to redo the offset.

I think it would be more intuitive that a value input on the VCB after the rectangle was finished, would change the offset value instead of the first, as this is the value you were working on immediatelly before.


I have to think about whether there is any of the other tools that has two separate steps that should both accept VCB input. There are multiple-click tools, but it seems Rotated Rectangle is unique as a multiple-step tool. That means a good VCB workflow is more complex to implement. But what you describe sounds very logical.

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Thanks! I urge you to try it and sharevyour further thought onvthe subject. I’d really appreciate that input. :wink:

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