Any tool to select circles of tube in one direction?

No, it is not there, but I have noticed, that there is installer which support rbz files.

Some could be usefull. Got it displayed :sunny:
Now I see Q.T. tools are there, but I need to find out how to display the toolbar.


I C. Now I try the Q.T. tools. There is the Select Ring and Grow ring tool. Works fine but now I have found some deformations in my model so it is not completely selected.

This is my model.

test.skp (127.2 KB)

What defomations? What is not completely selected? I’m not having any problems with it. The loops get selected as expected.

What are you trying to do after you select these edges you’ve been working on?

Why is your tiny group positioned so far from the origin?
Why are you using Meters for units on a model that is only 38mm in diameter? Why such coarse precision?
Why have you draw this so vertices are not aligned on axis?

All these things are going to work against you.

I moved the group to the origin. You can see the off-axis alignment of the circle at the end.

This shows the model alignment corrected.

I have copied pasted the model from one big file to new file. I did not set anything on the model like units. Check the bottom and top of the model, in my case there are empty areas which were not selected.

I think I have did this deformations with TGI3D tool. I originally wanted to add few circles and arrange them to look like rubber silent block.

Maybe you just need to redraw this shape without the deformations. It seems you are making changes to your model without knowing exactly why you are making them.

I fixed it to remove the deformations.
test.skp (133.4 KB)

Thank you.

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