Another One For Aaron to Model

Could you not cut a hole in the roof and use a booster seat? Would give the full drophead effect too.

The steering wheel is so low I don’t think I could get my legs under it if I was sitting on a booster seat. The roof does come off, though, so no need to cut a hole in it. :wink:

That is gorgeous!!! I want one!!! :wink:

I don’t mind looking after it for you :wink:

Thanks. I’ll pass that on to my bride. :wink:

Here’s another idea then. Turn the seat around so that you only use the backrest and sit on the floor.

Or maybe trade it in and get one of these:

You could get several brides in one of them…

Like I need more brides. :crazy_face:


Antique cars are a joy. SMALL antique cars are the perfect incentive to lose weight and keep fit. Losing weight is difficult… keeping fit is easy once you start working on them. :grin: