Another license renewal question (Studio 2023)?

I found (2) different answers that could have related to my question in other posts, so instead of taking the one I wanted to hear, I’m asking a new question just to make sure:

I received the email that my license to SketchUp Studio is set to renew in a month and I’m debating renewing it.

If I don’t renew, do I lose the ability to use Studio 2023 all together?

Short answer is yes.

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yes. it’s a subscription. if you stop the subscription, then it’s over.

it’s like netflix. if you stop paying netflix, then you don’t have access to it.

Thanks, I assumed so but just wanted to double check. Kind of a bummer for sure, but all things considered SketchUp is not only the most budget friendly but - in my opinion and for what I do - the best value.

If I could still use 2023 and didn’t have to incur the cost of renewing I would set it to not automatically renew to save the money, but I guess I’ll keep it how it is.