Another LayOut Font Issue?

Have reviewed many of the the “LayOut Font Issue” threads on the forum … and think that perhaps I may have stumbled upon yet another issue with LayOut fonts.

I set up my my LayOut templates with “Auto-Text” for the common “Scales” … thus <ScaleN> will display as SCALE: NTS; <Scale4> will display as SCALE: 1/4" = 1’-0" (1:48); <Scale2> will display as SCALE: 1/2" = 1’-0" (1:24); etc.

If LayOut had the ability to display the scale of a view port, then this artifice would not be necessary … but as far as I know it is up to the user to add appropriate scale notation to each plan, elevation, section etc.

This simple “Auto-Text” scheme works fine … enabling me to easily add/change scale notation as required. And since much of my work is free lance … it also enables me to easily change the font of my standard templates so that they conform to the font preferred (required?) by various clients.

With that as background … here is what I stumbled upon recently: When “Exporting” to PDF there appears to be a problem with “Auto-Text” that is set to “Architectype” font. “Print” to PDF and the Auto-Text in “Architectype” font appears correct. But … “Export” to PDF and the Auto-Text in “Architectype” font that contains other than alpha characters … the ASCII string is still there, but the “Architectype” font is lost.

Attached are four files:

  1. A simple SketchUp Model.
  2. This simple SketchUp model in a simple LayOut template that includes the Auto-Text mentioned above.
  3. A PDF that was generated by “Exporting” to PDF from LayOut.
  4. A PDF that was generated by “Printing” to PDF from LayOut.

Each page of the sample LayOut template includes two sets of Auto-Text.
At the bottom of each page is Auto-Text for <PageName> and <ScaleN> … set to use the Arial and Georgia fonts of the standard LayOut template.
And in the upper left corner of each page is the same <PageName> and <ScaleN> Auto-Text … using the Architectype font.

When this LayOut file is “Printed” to PDF … the Auto-Text in “Architectype” font shows up properly in the PDF.

But when this same LayOut file is “Exported” to PDF … the Auto-Text in “Architectype” font that contains something other than alpha characters … the ASCII string is correct, but the “Architectype” font is lost.

So there you have it.

What am I doing wrong?

230718A_Font_Test.layout (156.4 KB)
230718A_Font_Test.skp (24.6 KB)
230718A_Font_Test_Export.pdf (868.1 KB)
230718A_Font_Test_Print.pdf (307.2 KB)

LayOut does have that ability. It was added in LayOut 2022.

In fact you can use all three AutoText tags in one label to get the text as you have it laid out. I used a font that actually works for this example. Make the leader transparent.

The font you’ve chosen is another matter. It is not a well-made font. It doesn’t even have the slash character.
Screenshot - 7_19_2023 , 4_51_46 AM

That missing slash seems to be the reason the PDF is displaying a different font. When I edit your auto text tag and replace the slash with a space, the text displays in your “Architectype” font. This screenshot is from the PDF.

As to what you are doing wrong, you’re using a poorly made font. Choose a different one.

I missed adding the word Scale to the label in my previous screenshots.


Thank you DaveR for the prompt, helpful and comprehensive response. Problem solved … other than than the problem of the Architectype font not being very well constructed. Will ask this one client if they are amenable to using the Stylus BT font.

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