Annoying text messages from Trimble re Basecamp 2018


I just received my second text message from “Aubree from SketchUp” urging me to make my reservation at the conference hotel before the group discount disappears.

I’ve already made my lodging choice. For budgetary reasons, I’m staying about 4 miles away for $50/night.

And in case Aubree sees this, this doesn’t mean I’ll need to rent a car because I’ll be driving my own car to the conference! I live in Northern CA and my car gets 45-50 MPG making it the cheapest way for me to travel to the conference. OK. I could take Amtrak with a Thruway bus connection, but that’s a LONG trip timewise to travel 300 miles that I choose not to do - especially when having my car means I can save lots of money by lodging elsewhere!

In most cases with unwanted text messages such as these, I’ll reply “STOP” - and if I get a second, I’ll bock and report spam. However, since I will attend the conference, there may be other more important messages in the future. I can certainly imagine one saying “Travel Advisory: Due to out of control wildfires, Interstate 10 is closed between Los Angeles and Desert Springs - if you’re coming from that direction, expect massive delays and detours.” And that one I want to receive!


I’m also slightly annoyed by emails that clearly aren’t written to me personally (either by a human or machine). Mass emails about render engines and other sponsors doesn’t make anyone happy. If something doesn’t apply to me personally, don’t send it to my inbox. Instead post it on a public forum.


With this year’s event more than doubling in size, we’re experimenting with different ways of staying connected to attendees but that means things won’t always be perfect. Thanks for the feedback; we’ll definitely keep it in mind!


The ‘app’ is nice, but …
What are your plans for communicating with attendees who do not have a smart phone?
Consider there are those from outside the USA who may need to avoid using their phone.
Out-of-country roaming charges can be extraordinarily high.

Some convention venues have a plethora of large display monitors dedicated to event information.
At 3DBC 2016, Sheraton Steamboat Resort had very few monitors, all displaying restaurant menus.
The analog version amounted to two letter size pages taped to the wall in the exhibitors area … not good.


We’ll have some information on monitors and a lot of signage, a big “social wall” with the activity stream from the app, and a TON of helpful SketchUp team members wandering around :slight_smile: You can also view the schedule / program, speakers and sponsors on the desktop version of the app as well as our website.


I haven’t received any text messages, and I would like to be looped in. What do I have to do to sign up @Caroline ?


The text messages were only sent to people who hadn’t yet booked their hotel. If you booked your hotel room at the JW Marriott, you would not receive it. We keep all other communications to email, the app, and here!


Where does one download the desktop version?

This page only shows the mobile versions of the app.


You can view it here:


No. They were sent to people who hadn’t yet booked at the official conference hotel. I got two. And before I got the first one, I was booked into a hotel, just not the JW Marriott.

I understand that conferences are often arranged with their host hotels with the assumption that a certain percentage of attendees will stay at the host hotel. I don’t have a problem with that.

I do have a problem with receiving this text twice! The first one should have included a way to say “I’m already booked elsewhere.” It did not.


That is correct! We only new the status of people booking at the two hotels we were in touch with. We figured we would run the risk of reaching out TOO MUCH rather than people not get their hotel arranged!

For future reference, if ANY automated text shows up on your phone, texting STOP back to the sender should remove you from their list!


I am - and was - fully aware of that. I didn’t want to reply STOP because I had no way of knowing if it would cause me to miss announcements on another topic - like if there is a wildfire causing I-10 to be closed - you might choose to text everyone you can to warn them!


I was getting reminders to book even after I had done so, which made me worry a bit. I have gotten other emails from them in preparation for the visit, so it felt like they were just broadcast emails.