Announcing SketchUp Shop


“Licensed for commercial use” or something similar should be at the top of the list for the/those version(s) allowing it.


For now, both SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop are available exclusively as browser-based cloud applications which do require an active internet connection. In practical terms, the bandwidth requirements are quite low and reasonably fault-tolerant. In the future, we may be able to leverage things like your browser cache to more completely support offline usage.

In the meantime, internet access continues to spread globally at an astonishing rate. Even in rural areas, even in developing countries. I don’t think we’re wrong in betting on the internet as an efficient way to get applications like SketchUp out to the maximum number of people possible.

And in the meantime, we still have SketchUp Make available for folks who need a truly offline experience.


I think that’s a pretty reasonable request but I don’t have anything new to announce today. There’s quite a bit of business complexity to work out before we could offer a bundle like that.


I’ll pass that on to the Marketing team for consideration.


I think this is a great thought- definitely in line with my thinking about the value of SketchUp for Web to SketchUp Pro users in general. I think of it as a kind of traveling companion for the times I’m away from my desk.


I can see the complexity if you want to offer Shop to Pro users at a reduced rate. But if you choose to bundle Shop with Pro at no additional cost, much of the complexity should go away.

Your Pro license (except, I assume, for the network licenses) is tied to a login. You know when the license was purchased, so you can allow access to Pro for 1 year following date of purchase, or the expiration of maintenance, whichever is later. I can’t imagine it’s that complex.


It is more complex than you might imagine :wink:


I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice but, the short answer is Yes. If you have paid for a subscription, you may use SketchUp Web for commercial purposes.

Quick clarification: “SketchUp Shop” is the name of a “bundle” of products which can be purchased as a subscription. For the Shop bundle, the list of products includes: SketchUp Web (with paid features), Trimble Connect for Business and Access to our support team. Also note that there are no terms documents which cover the full bundle of products. Each product/application has its own terms of use (aka license agreement for desktop applications). Each order form clearly defines which products are included in a bundle. Our marketing materials will also reflect those lists of products when more complex bundles are available.

So back to the commercial use question… Our terms do not state that a product may be used commercially. Instead, they state which products cannot be used commercially. Both the SU Web TOS and the SketchUp Make EULA disallow commercial use.

  • SU Web TOS, Free version - “Customer may only use a Free Offering in a non-production environment for non-commercial purposes.”

  • SketchUp EULA, Make License Terms (see 2.2.1) - “SketchUp Make Software is licensed only for non-commercial use for your internal business purposes. Non-commercial use means…”

There is not yet a Trial subscription which includes SketchUp Web paid features. Stay tuned though.

Best Regards


I can imagine quite a bit of complexity.

I can imagine that your licensing database is accessible only through old COBOL programs which, to enable real time use, somebody created an API written in Assembler for a CDC 60 bit ones complement mainframe. This makes it even more complex as your accounting system is running on an IBM System 360, 32 bit, twos complement – as a batch process.

Meanwhile, I also can imagine your billing systems are running in Javascript in a browser window that connects to the rest of your system through monitoring software that fakes keystrokes to fill in form fields and press buttons and uses a screen scraper to obtain the results. Oh! And that browser window? It’s running minimized on the computer that runs the Pong game in your break room!

Finally, I can imagine that the glue that allows these two systems to interoperate is written in a mish mash of LISP, APL and SNOBOL.

Of course, in the languages that allow it, GOTO statements are sprinkled throughout creating a bowl of spaghetti flowchart. And none of the programs are commented, nor do any use mnemonic variable names.

So tell me, is it really more complex than I might imagine? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Almost nailed it but you forgot the Commodore 64 bit.


The Commodore was the development machine for the AI that created the virus that was used to install the screen scraper on the break room Pong computer.

SketchUp Shop OK for Commercial Use?

I stand corrected- you are clearly able to imagine very complex business systems. Now add to that “…review and approval by the professional legal, tax, finance and accounting teams of a $2.5b publically traded international corporation that does business on every continent in the world.”

Anyhow, I think the main point here is that I recognize the value of what you’d like us to do. But I don’t have anything new to announce today.


@jbacus, does SketchUp Shop solve this issue ?


4 days ago in another thread requesting an iOS tablet edition, I postulated this scenario …

The same thoughts hold for Web browser editions. Many desktop users will not need Shop edition and would not want the cost of Pro to rise to cover Shop maintenance. The funding for maintenance must come from someplace. If not a separate subscription, then the price and subscriptions for Pro desktop would have to rise.

Keeping the subscriptions separate is better because the choice is entirely up to the customers.
Pay for what you use, not for what you don’t.

I’m not surprised at all that the Trimble beancounters want new beans to balance the scales after all the development.


And now it is there (SketchUp Shop), obviously funded with SketchUp Pro ‘beans’ , let’s hope they have some beans left for maintenance releases for Pro version and LayOut!

Layout 2018 - Sketchup Styles wont display as hybrid or vector renders

SketchUp Shop does not add the “Light”, “Dark” or “Use Sun for Shading” settings on Shadows. Stay tuned for future developments, we’re releasing new features all the time.

Our commitment to desktop client development, particularly for our SketchUp Pro customers, remains steadfast. The beans that matter the most to this project are the coffee beans that fuel our development team.


:shushing_face: And here lies the real reason Trimble employees can’t tell us what the future holds! If they drank tea, they’d have tea leaves which they could then read to tell the future. But alas, no tea --> no tea leaves --> no telling the future. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


First, a big THANK YOU for hearing the feedback and providing a new middle tier option.

EXCEPT, why make this a web based application? Can’t this be downloadable like Sketchup Make or Pro. Just as I would never do my taxes online, I would not use this type application online either. My 2 cents: with a downloadable program, it’s yours, with your approach I feel like I’m inside someone’s “computer” at their mercy and in addition to privacy concerns it means I have to be connected to use it. Many place we travel to have no internet period. Can you PLEASE just make this a download. I will buy it the second you do!!!


In addition, if it’s just about getting the recurring subscription, then make it a higher price for the download (e.g. $150-200) with a smaller annual maintenance fee (e.g. $50).


Good I hope you can discuss it internally. I understand the business choice to split it out from Pro and not bundle it together but I think it makes sense to include it with the maintenance subscription. It would mean that I don’t have to lug my workstation between different sites. I would be keen to trial it regardless so please let us know when the trial subscription arrives, would be great to stress test it with my desktop projects.
SketchUp is almost $1000 in Sweden so it gives some added value to the base product.