Feature request for sketchup free browser edition


Not sure if this is possible, but some sort of solid inspector. Alot of people using the online version could benifit from this, especialy if they are not using solidtools and since extensions for the browser edition looks crazy hard to do, which means no booltools2, then a fair option would be at least some sort of solid inspector

also, maybe an upgrade for just solidtools for like $30 or $40 Just for solid tools.

If this allready exists in the free version, im sorry. i didnt see it, but if it does not, i think its a good idea:)



Therefore exists SketchUp Shop.

Solid Inspector has already become a feature of SketchUp for Schools. It should be a feature of SketchUp Shop in my opinion. But now it is not anymore too impossible that this might happen.


took me a few clicks to find the prices but i did:) here is the link in case others want to see it:


When you said sketchup shop, i thought it was going to be like an add-on store haha. where you can buy individual features.

I do think solid inspector should be a part of the entire thing. Not just shop(even though its not in there either) or school. Trying to figure out why its not a solid is very difficult, especially when its a missing line, not allowing a closed shape and its extremely small.


There is Extension Warehouse, but not yet for the web version. They should have called the semi-professional version SketchUp Workshop, but that’s ambiguous, too. Or SketchUp Garage :wink:


SketchUp Garage would be cool haha.

I didnt think we could still download a desktop version of SUMake anymore? I hope we can because there are some great extensions that make Make better haha. booltools2 is one of them.

I have pro and i love it but not everyone i know can get there hands on it.


2017 Make and earlier are still available and will be for a long time.