Announcing PlaceMaker

Data is from OpenStreetMap
Imagery is from DigitalGlobe

For more information, check out


you have been busy…

that is very nice indeed…


Holey buckets!!! That is cool!

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That’s incredible!

This is SO COOL!

Any way I could beg, borrow or steal a chance to test, play or work this?.. Ohh… please let me know. This is so dang cool.

Wow - just wow. Dale: a BIG :+1:
The tool is only using open source data sets? It will work for any place on the planet? Not only the US?

Wow! What magic is this? How is it possible? :thumbsup: Congratulations and very good job.

This will be incredibly useful! Just yesterday i was talking with my boss about the possibility os using the auto-generated geometry from google earth and today BOOM!

I will follow this very closely, congratulations!

As my kids would say, “Holy freakin’ WOW!”

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Yes any place on the planet will work. The richness of the data does vary throughout the world, though, but I think you will be amazed at how much is available… :slight_smile:


Did you say yet where we can get it?

Great to here. I’m very curious about the accuracy of the data. I did some tests with Openstreetmap contour data (building contours) earlier this year and it wasn’t really accurate enough (>1m inaccurate). For birds eye or streetmodels that maybe would be ok though.
Still: wicked teaser video!

I would die for a plugin like this. Could we get more info about release date and prices please?

Here is some more info from my good friend Daniel Tal:


Yes please

One word to describe… Awesome !

I can’t wait for this!

Excellent, can’t wait to try it out.

I was waiting dor this plugin so much time! You are my hero!!!