Announcing PlaceMaker


This is truly awe inspiring in scope and presentation.
Can’t wait to be able to play with and test this very cool looking tool! Amazing and congratulations.


Very much looking forward for this to come out. It will allow us to blow our clients minds. It will save us hours and hours of time.


This is awesome!


Wow! I was looking for an apllication like this recently, so I would not have to draw the environment of the buildings we create. There was no real simple solution until I saw this. Can’t wait to test it!


This is absolutely more than cool!
Great work!


Wow…that’s look awesome. Can’t wait for the release.


great stuff! and a fantastic idea and development.

  • just wondering - I’m guessing this is only available for areas where GoogleMaps/earth already has the 3D option? So for us in remote areas or less developed countries, this would still be wishful thinking…?


Hi mcpeacock,

This plugin does not bring in ANY 3D information from Google. Roads and imagery are available anywhere in the world. Buildings are also available anywhere in the world but some locations have more building data available than others.


Moscow with one click…


estimated release date?




hhhh just spent three years drawing my home town … awesome job but too late for me hhh really would of found this useful …but at least my model is 1960s town …brilliant work tho .kudos due


I told you there was a God! :astonished:

Do you have an estimate of when it will be available?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


May I ask where the data comes from or is that a trade secret? :stuck_out_tongue:


from what I understand, some data is leveraged from “OpenStreetMap


Looking forward to the release of PlaceMaker as a long time OpenStreetMap contributor and since I wrote a 2D only OpenStreetMap importer for Sketchup called skp2osm back in 2011.

As already mentioned, the PlaceMaker sources data form OpenStreetMap, a global wiki-like map.
So everyone can contribute to the quality of the underlying OpenStreetMap data by mapping 3D features like height and type of the roof for a building. A good introduction to mapping 3D features in OSM is here. Post any question about 3D mapping in OpenStreetMap here.


Any news on this? Waiting in anticipation of a great plugin…


The waiting is almost over… :slight_smile: We are very close to release.

Be sure to sign up at for news and release announcements


EXCELLENT! :thumbsup:


I’m happy to announce the we have started rolling out PlaceMaker!

You can now order a free trial or purchase a license (with early adopter discount) at: