Animation makes sun go in the wrong direction

I am trying to animate a sequence where the view of the model changes over the course of a day. The problem is that SketchUp has decided to go from 7am to 5pm via midnight instead of via noon. So the the sun sets at the start of the sequence (in the morning) and doesn’t come back until the end of the sequence in the evening.
It doesn’t matter what order the scenes are in. It insists on going through nighttime hours instead of daytime hours. Exactly backwards and ridiculous.

that’s odd. just did a test, a scene at the far left and another the far right of the time cursor, it still behaves normally.

could you share a file that behaves this way ? (if it’s heavy, using wetransfer / drive / else)

if you add an intermediary scene, say noon, does it still go through the night ?

Thank you very much for your reply.
I’ve figured out a work around. I had been all the way to the end of December. When I backed that off to November it worked fine. FYI I had tried add in an intermediate noon scene but it did the same thing, going 18 hours to noon instead of the 6 hour shortcut. Weird but solved for now. Thanks again!

Also check that your time zone matches your geolocation.