Modelling shadows

Sketchup web version.
My undergraduate construction students are using the free web based version for a small project. we have located the model in various parts of New Zealand. When adjusting the sun time the scale runs 1.00am to 12.00pm and then after that instead of showing 1.00pm etc shows 1.00am again. Is this a bug/ The shadows seem to respond to afternoon angles

I was curious because I haven’t really paid attention to the time settingsin SketchUp for Web. I just opened a file and found there’s a new Shadows panel, at least in SketchUp Go.

It appears that the time does go to PM after noon.

Seems to me that you might want to investigate SketchUp Pro for your undergrad students. Small cost, lots of additional capability.

There are some quirks with that clock panel for example

If you start a fresh file
Change the UTC time zone to another time zone - UTC 0 for example.

Start a new file
Change UTC to +12

Then the range of times changes - that might be helpful to you if you are getting odd results

Thanks this is new as of today for me. It now seems to work properly thanks.
The Sketchup Pro is not an option for the students they only use it for about six weeks. Some may use the free trial too

The new panel notified by DaveR seems to work thanks

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