Time Zone setting in Sketchup Shop?

Hi Sketch up Community

I’m using Geolocation in a Sketch up Shop model to cast real vue shadows.

I’m not sure when using the tool if the timezone automatically adapt to the location.
How can check or configure the timezone in Sketchup Shop?

Thank you in advance for your feedback

I would say it was not using your location, at least it isn’t working here in Free. I just geo-located a model in SketchUp Pro and then in Shadows, set the date to today. The Time slider goes from 04:42AM to 09:34PM and that seems reasonable compared to what’s happening outside here. I also looked up https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ for where I live. From that site, today’s daylight is 04:35 to 21:44 (17:09 hours) which is quite similar to SketchUp Pro’s geolocated Shadow time slider.

Now in Free, time in shadows is 4:40AM to 7:16PM. The sunrise is good, but the sunset is about 150 minutes out. It won’t be dark here at that time, if it keeps going like it is now, the sun will still be shining. I don’t have Shop, so maybe there’s a setting to let you locate your model? It isn’t happening automatically in Free.

SketchUp Pro:

SketchUp Shop:

Looks pretty close to me.

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How did you get the map into Shop?

I used the Add Location feature.

Sorry, I totally misread this. I didn’t realise Shop had geolocation.

It only offers the map as an import option which is why I did the same in Pro.

Hi DaveR, McGordon,

Thanks for your contribution.
This is exactly where I’m stuck at the moment. I have the location, but the day light time doesn’t match with the reality. I haven’t found yet how to adjust timezone. Not sure the possibility exist in Shop version…
Any idea on that?

Thank you very much

There is no adjustment for DST or time zone differential in Shop. You would have to set the time an hour ahead to compensate.

What do you think is the default Time zone? GMT?

I think the time zone comes from the location but there’s no option to set the 1 hour offset for DST. As I showed the results are basically the same between Pro and Shop and I know in Pro the time zone is based on the location.