Angle Aluminium Extrusion

Hey guys, I’m new here, I used sketchup as hobbyist and fun, 3D printing, Sound System Design for Show Business and recently design and production road case for touring. I hit myself with a little problem, I get model of an Aluminium extrusion used for lid in a road cases. I’m looking for a way to “cut” in angle of 45 degrées like a will do in real life. This will helps me with good measurement before cutting the actual real pieces. what would be the be solution ? I try with every 6 solid tool but don’t get a good result. There’s is a picture of what i’m talking about.

I need a simple 45 angle on both side to get a better edge. How can i do that ?

Sorry for my english i’m french Canadian in Quebec. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all.

Draw a “cutter” at the miter angle and intersect it with the geometry of the extrusion. Then you can erase the waste side. If your extrusion is a solid group or component, you can make a solid “cutter” shape and use either the native Solid Tools or Eneroth Solid Tools to subtract the cutter shape from the extrusion or trim the extrusion with the cutter.

Using Trim

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Wow ! It works flawlessly well sir. Thank you very much !

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