Help! Using the solid tools without success!


I just joined this forum, nice to meet you first of all!

I have been using sketch up for a few years in my furniture business, so far I mainly used it for “simple” cabinet construction and it worked beautifully.
However this kind of work of stalled my know how to such simple use…now, I’m trying so extend the use to more complex designs and to be honest I do get stuck quite a lot.
So, forgetting the pride and admitting that I needed some advice was the next step…here I am!

I’m designing a kitchen island with an irregular Polyhedron (I believe this is the best way to describe it…:slight_smile:

Basically I designed the geometry using “triangles”.
Each triangle was made into a component.
I then extruded each triangle towards the inner side of the structure 18mm which is the thickness of the birch ply panels I’m planning to use.
So far so good.
Now, I need to single out each panel with the relative angles (I don’t want to see end grain/thickness of the components) so that I can cut it on the panel saw.
Basically when two panels extrude and intersect, they have some shared geometry which in parts needs to be erased but other parts are needed to determine the angles of cut…
To obtain all the angles I tried to use the “solid tools” but I don’t seem to find a way to achieve what I need.
Not sure if this makes any sense?
Are the solid tools the right approach?

Solid Tools only work on 3d solids.

Once I extrude the “triangles” 18mm they become solids.
I got the solid tool working, no problem, however I can not work out how to obtain the angle between the various triangles.:neutral_face:

You can measure the angles with the Protractor tool.

Hi Dave,

I attach a little video of one of the corners of the model.
What I’m trying to do is to eliminate the extra geometry which is created with the “extrusion” of the triangle/components when they intersect.
if I menage that I can get the angles defined, and then have each “triangle” in my cutting list with all the dimensions I need.
When I tried the protractor, the tool aligned with the face of one of the triangles or with one of the edges lines…in both cases it’s not a true reading because none of the angles are just in two axes.
Does it make sense??:slightly_smiling_face:

Oh dear …now the video didn’t upload :sob:

To measure the angle between faces, put the protractor on the shared edge, click and hold the left mouse button while you drag along the edge. Release the mouse button, then click on one face, then the other.

I think that your best solution (least amount of work) would be to draw the triangles as connected faces (no depth) then use Fredo6’s Joint Push/Pull.

It’s not necessary to model the ‘panels’ with thickness to determine the miters.
Single faces are all you need.

With that, I suggest you try Clark Bremner’s: Angle between Planes v1.0 plugin.

Read the plugin documentation and then experiment with it.

Here’s what it does…

Thank you very much for the tip!!
Already dowloaded it and tested it, it works perfectly for what I was trying to do!!

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That is a brilliant tip.
Thanks again for your help and patience!

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