Which solid tool to use and how?

I get lost within the solid tools - which to use when and how. Can someone please advice how you would proceed next step in my attempt of drawing a trellis with quadratic squares on the diagonal? I have made all the laths (right english word?) and the frame - now I want to “trim” the laths being outside the back and front frame.

How would you proceed? Any advice or tip is welcome. I tried intersect but I don´t understand how it works or if any of the other options within solid tools would be smarter to use?
sextiotals spalje.skp (109.3 KB)

I think the help and video explains solid tools better than I could do in a short time

If you want to use Solid Tools, then you have to work with Solid groups/Solid components.


and with Curic Face Knife


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Thank you so much mihai! Much easier when I see how you do it - now I better understand both outer shell och subtract.

You’re welcome!

I only used Outer Shell to work a little faster. In fact, you can replace Outer Shell by exploding all the components inside that group, and then use that Solid Inspector on that group to clean the remaining inner faces after the geometry has stick.
You can use any of the options, the idea is to have a Solid Group/Component to be able to use Solid Tools.

May I ask how you would resize when/if needed, this type of trellie once you have done it? Without changing the size of the squares but keeping them same measurements. Now I have a component 2,53,2 and that is fine - looks just like I want it. But what if I want to put this in I place where I only would have space for 1,52 - or whatever…?