Sketchup modelling help

Need some help with modelling a specific column detail.
So I was trying to achieve
this result.
The ‘Solid Tools’ extension is what im trying with as of now.
I made 2 blocks, one a solid cuboid; and the second one the shape i want to get carved out of the first solid.

Using the ‘subtract’ function from solid tools, i first click on solid 1, then on solid 2.
But the results are… ahem not desirable :sweat_smile:
Does anybody have a possible explanation or maybe even other methods i could try?

Are you clicking on the cutting shape first, then the part you wish to keep?

You might try making the shape you are subtracting slightly larger than the area you are taking away - I’ve had issues with similar things when the subtracting shape has surfaces in the same plane as the main shape.

If both objects are components you can also try copying them, scaling the copies up 10x, then doing the subtraction.

One way is to use follow me and intersect faces.

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I’ve tried both. I’m convinced the cutting shape is just modeled poorly.
Maybe I’ll give upscaling method a try.
TY :sparkles:

Attach your model for us to give more accurate advice.

Thanks Box, this should work.
I used follow me to create the 'cutting solid, but i only made a quadrant of the circle you made.
I’ll try this and come back.

Make the whole circle, group it and use it as the solid. for solid subtract.

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Guess what guys. The senior architect I work with just informed me that we’re not going to be including this detail in the design :laughing:.
But thanks for the help anyway, I’m sure I’ll need it some other time.

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