"an error occurred when connecting to the 3d warehouse" appears when i get models from 3D Warehouse

Hi! the title explains itself. I have tried downloading models from Google as a substitute, but I get the same pop up message. Tried restarting my PC. Didn’t work. It couldn’t be my internet because all the models can be browsed well. Please help.

The 3D WH from sketchup or the website?

Google Chrome? or Google has a 3D warehouse?

I used BOTH 3D WH from sketchup and it’s website (used google for this, as in google the browser–google chrome), sorry for the confusion…

no trouble :slight_smile:
Someone with more knowledge might come by, although this is the wrong weekend to have a big problem :wink:

I’ll ask questions so that when they come around, they can formulate an educated guess :

  • could you quickly fix your profile ? In “sketchup version” it should be “sketchup 2018” and in “operating system” either windows 10 or 11. it could be related, or not, at least we’ll know.

  • are you still using sketchup 2018 as per your profile ? or did you switch to a more recent version ? If you’re still on 2018, you can’t access the 3d warehouse from within SU anymore. And from google (your browser :wink: )you should download collada files, or use an extension like this one

  • if you’re not using 2018 anymore but a more recent one, are you up to date ?

  • did you try to log off then log on back again ? sometimes it helps.

  • could you give us the link to a specific 3d warehouse model that doesn’t work, so we can check ? not all of them, but at least we could rule the files out (who knows, you could be SUPER unlucky in your picks ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • do you have any VPN, adblockers, anything fancy ? You say it couldn’t be your internet, but it could be, when you download, you send a request to the server that comes back with various infos, and a security measure could see this as an attack. If you have anything enabled, try turning it off just long enough to try.

I’m out of questions for now, back to digesting the pre-xmas dinner, hope my various questions and your answers will bring clarity to the question