AMD RYZEN 1700 Gtx 1070 display drivers crash while render?

i have very strange issue my display drivers keep crashing when i run render vray in sketchup 2015 and its only happening in sketchup please help i ran stress test game test and Max render 2048 x 1200 and it worked fine but not in sketchup please help. Note * i gave regedit in graphics and nvdia maximum power management.

Did you try updating graphics card drivers?

Yes brother i have running most latest drivers and this happens sometimes not everytime

if it crashes in V-Ray it’s obviously not happening in SketchUp… would ask in the V-Ray forum for such issues.

Try reverting those settings to defaults.

Also can you describe exactly what happens and when? How do you know ‘display drivers crashing’?

thanks but issue solved so far now .

i did brother but for now issues is resolved now and issue was whenever i start render after some light cache build and render start i meant my image on render and then sudden screen goes black and notification on right corner saying "display drivers has stopped working and recovered " with this my sketchup did close auto but not sys and i noted my drivers gone from pc. after proper restart driver showing again very strange but after some net digging i sorted it out trying older drivers version and one stable found now i tested 3048 x 3048 size render to test it now working fine thanks God

Glad you figured it out. May i ask which version of driver you had problem with and which version fixed for you?
I’m curious because nowadays i’m building my Ryzen 1700x with Gtx 1070 :upside_down_face:

i have win 10 with 378.79 i guess and now its stable with 1700 just your 1700x so make sure you run it with latest updates 1st from Nvidia site if stable then sugar cake LOl if not then look for older versions

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Dear brother. i thought i have the same issues like you. my CPU is AMD 1800x, GPU gigabyte 1080ti extrem edition, ram 16gb 3200mhz. when i start to render any resolution it sudden screen goes black and sketchup closed without any popup information. i want to ask you how can you solved your problems… please kindly help me.

Dear brother can you contact me on my fb we can figure it out feel free its lil headache but somehow its working now my fb username is

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