Ambient Occlusion Distance & Intensity Uneditable

Hi Sketchup Community,

Has anyone had any issue with the new ambient occlusion feature in SketchUp Pro 2024? I am able to supposedly turn this feature on, however, I am unable to edit the distance or intensity. I selected “interior” style > “edit” > “faces” > “ambient occlusion”, but when I do this, the distance and intensity is grayed out. I saw one post suggesting to close the secondary selection plane and it is still grayed out. Any suggestions?

Has anybody else had this issue? I am working on a 2020 Macbook Pro and my operating system is updated.

you’re sharing the panel of someone else, and it worked for them.

can you share your panel with us so we can see the current parameters ?
does it happen on every model ?

if you go check the performances in the preference panel, are you using the new 3d engine ?

Don’t know if the answer is in this video @TheOnlyAaron just released - he seems very taken with it!

I would guess this is the culprit! AO is disabled if you are using the classic engine.

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Solved! It was just that I didn’t have the new 3D engine checked. Thanks for the quick help!