2024 NEW Style - Ambient Occlusion Style - Shadows too strong

Hey everyone, I’ve recently been experimenting with the latest SketchUp Pro version for 2024, and one standout feature is the new Ambient Occlusion Style. However, upon selecting the “Interior” option, I’ve noticed that the shadows appear quite intense.

Unfortunately, despite searching through the edit option on my Mac computer, I couldn’t find any direct option to reduce the shadow intensity within the style settings. It’s a bit frustrating because I’m really fond of this new style, but the overpowering shadows are throwing things off.

Do any of you have suggestions on how to address this issue? I’d appreciate any insights or workarounds you might have come across. Thanks in advance!

in the style panel, once you’ve selected the interior style, click on edit, then the second cube (for face parameters). at the bottom you’ll see the ambiant occlusion parameters that will allow you to get more or less shadows.

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Wow thank you so much for your quick help!
I did have the little arrow active that is why i havent seen the transparency option xD
Once i clicked the arrow symbol i can choose the transparency!

Thank you so much!

yeah, the arrow thing double the size of your window, so you can browse up and down and drag things from one to another

technically, when the arrow is on (and the window big like yours), there is a small handle to resize the top part. it’s that faint dot. it’s using apple’s UI elements, and as we don’t usually see this, it’s easy to miss.

Capture d’écran 2024-04-05 à 12.48.56

glad you found the sliders anyway :slight_smile:


What if I can’t enable the settings of ambient occlusion? It’s in very and it does not allow me to tick or untick the box.


Well the 2 workarounds we’ve seen are either clicking the small black and white button top right (apparently, coule be a visual glitch?)

but most likely, go check in the preferences if the new engine is turned on. That’s the main condition, old engine, no AO.

We do have a bug report open about this issue. I added a link to this post, so that the developers can see users are hitting the problem, of not thinking there are AO options.

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