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Still trying to get my head around this correctly.
In this example I have drawn the rebate in the post ( which updates the other posts as it should,I even have flipped the components so everything should be in the correct place, thanks Box and Dave R)
then I copy the rail into position.
I realise that there are probably many ways to do things but is the way I have done this the simplest or is there another way




You could use solid tools to make the rebates in the posts.



Thanks Forestr
I don’t know what that is but I will check it out

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That seems reasonable. I would have selected the rail between the back legs, too and copied them both up to the rebates.

Unless you have SketchUp Pro (I don’t remember), you won’t have Solid Tools. IF you use the native Solid Tools to cut the rebate, it’ll cut the rebate in one leg and in the process, convert the component to a group. The other three legs won’t get the rebate and it’ll be more work to fix that up than to just manually draw the rebate as you’ve done.

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You mean select both rails at once ? I didn’t know I could do that




Yes. Select both lower rails and copy them together.

Do you have time for a conversation? I can set that up.



If both side’s rails and posts are the same you could make each of the two legs as a component so that as you update one the other side does too. If not grab both at the same time and move



Thanks whiterabbit
If the legs are already components and then I make them a component with something else, is thats what is called nesting ?



Yes, I think it’s fair to say a group or component within another group or component is nested.
You just have to be forward looking in the design/construction to harness the efficiency of stuff like this. I’ve often gone too far wishing I had made certain items components and there are some who advocate only making components (rather than groups). You always have the option to make a component “unique” too in case you no longer want that same. It’s invaluable with any symmetrical design.

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Yeah, it’s definitely only in the Pro version.



I think you’ll find that @DaveR was trying to remember if 1800cc had Pro or Make, not whether Pro or Make had solid tools.



:man_shrugging: It’s hard to tell. Also, I forgot SketchUp Shop has solid tools too.



Really, what’s hard about it?

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To me, it sounded like he only had the Pro version installed and couldn’t remember if SketchUp Make has solid tools. Usually, Dave asks people to complete their profile information if it doesn’t say what version of SketchUp they use.
Although, you must’ve been right considering Dave liked your comment.



I don’t know how you managed to misread my statement but I assure you, I didn’t forget whether or not Make has Solid Tools. I suppose you’d have gotten it wrong if I’d written, “I don’t remember if you have SketchUp Pro but if you don’t, you won’t have the Solid Tools.” And I also know that SketchUp Shop includes Solid Tools. I do know that Geoff is using a desktop client version of SketchUp so I didn’t bother to mention the web-based versions.

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Oops! Sorry about that. It was just an honest misunderstanding.

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In this example Im moving a component and wanting to know if there is a way to move the rebate as well ?

It is not overly important to me as I am using SU to plan out a chicken coop and at the same time I practice SU so just placing the crossmember without drawing the rebate shows me the same outcome ( unless there is some advantage to drawing it as you would make it)



One way…
Open the leg for editing, left to right select all the geometry of the cut, select the Move tool.

Click on a point of the selected cut and move the cut geometry downwards, clicking on the corresponding point in the member to place it.

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Thanks Ian

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Experience has taught me that it’s often better to leave out joinery and holes until I have all the parts in the definite place I want them.

It can save moving a lot of cuts and holes and can be prone to error while doing it.